There is a brunch memory I've always remembered, and I try to replicate it at every breakfast/brunch/lunch place that serves chicken and waffles. I am not much into sweets for breakfast, but I do like a hint of the sweet stuff when indulging in a full-blown brunch. 

I love the crunchy, salty, perfectly fried chicken atop a fluffy warm, thick waffle drizzled with maple syrup and scallions (the ingredient which takes it over the top for me). This is how it was served that one magical St. Patty's day ten years ago at Chicago's Waffles in the south loop. We have since moved from the south loop, so the restaurant is no longer a convenient down-the-street walk. Also, I've since become sensitive to gluten, so I'm always on the lookout for alternatives. 

That seared brunch memory was the inspiration for this shoot. I wanted to recreate this waffle situation at home, so I pulled out a freezer staple, Gluten free Van's waffles. I tried to replicate the indulgence of this God-sent dish. I did it by staging a warm, fresh, bright morning scene with lots of light and soft colors. 

There were a few edits to make to these images out of the gate. The most concerning were the distortion issues. With so many lines to contend with, it made for some wonky edges. Shooting this from a 3/4 angle on a "linear" surface was most likely the reason for the distortion and maybe not as successful as, say, an overhead shot (my favorite). 

lessons learned

• Avoid linear surfaces when shooting

3/4 angles

• Try linear surfaces as backdrops instead


@canonusa 5D Mark III - 24-70mm (34mm)

• f/5 - 1/30 - ISO 100

• Lighting: One @godoxlighting AD600 Pro, with softbox positioned roughly 2 feet to the top left corner of the frame.

Scrim diffusing natural light to the right of the frame.

• Flash at 1/32 output

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